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The hemp culture of the Hmong / Miao

Gina Corrigan, Organised by the Textile Society of Hong Kong
Wednesday, 14 Feb 2001
RGS members are invited to attend a Textile Society of Hong Kong lecture. Geographer Gina Corrigan will compare and contrast the processes related to hemp and rami and the continuing tradition of the use of these fibers by the Miao people. She will also discuss the role of these fibers in funeral rites. Gina Corrigan has visited China several times each year since 1973. She has led textile study groups and others through fascinating regions famed for their beautiful scenery and interesting people. She has written much about China and as a professional photographer, her images do justice to the country she has come to love. Recently Gina sold her collection of costumes from Guizhou to the British Museum. In 1980, she launched her own company, Occidor Adventure Tours, which organises special interest tours to China. She leads many of the tours herself and has pioneered many of its new programmes.

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