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The making of 'The Life of Birds'

Mike Salisbury
Tuesday, 14 Aug 2001
Sports House
David Attenborough's most recent major work was the epic series "The Life of Birds", first transmitted in October 1998 and since then in over 50 countries worldwide. Executive Producer Mike Salisbury gave a behind the scenes view of how such a mammoth project is researched, organised and then filmed. The Life of Birds took 3 years to make, filming involved 48 cameramen and camerawomen who between them shot over 200 miles of film. The patience, skills and determination required by the production teams and camera crews to film many of the rare behavioural sequences make for some entertaining stories. A host of colour slides and film clips some not seen in the programmes helped to provide an entertaining "backroom" view of the making of this landmark TV series. Mike is now leading a team to produce the next major Attenborough series The Life of Mammals.

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