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Geological field trip to Double Haven

Dr. Chris Fletcher
Sunday, 27 May 2001
The Professor and Director of the Applied Geoscience Centre at Hong Kong University led a geological field trip to Kat O Chau (Crooked Island) and Ap Chau, the most northern islands in Hong Kong. The group visited many interesting geological sites and entered the remote and beautiful Double Haven and Crooked Haven. The group stopped at Ap Chau, strolling along the beach to see the perfectly formed sea arch there, and at Kat O Chau, which supports one of the last remaining fishing villages in Hong Kong. The field trip provided a unique chance to visit isolated and inaccessible parts of Hong Kong, to see some of the oldest and youngest rocks in the territory, to gain first hand experience of the effects of ancient mountainbuilding events and to visit an old fishing village.

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