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The geography of health, social and sexual issues

Dr. Judith Mackay MBE, JP, FRCP (Edin), FRCP (Lon), FHKAM
Tuesday, 17 Jul 2001
Sports House
Are you more at risk of a heart attack if you live in Hong Kong, Geneva or London? Will the shadow of AIDS fall more heavily over Africa or Asia? Is your personal risk of cancer really going up, or is it just that populations are getting older? How long will it take for the next newly emergent superbug to circumnavigate the globe? How serious a threat is 'airport' malaria in Sydney or New York? How do dating and mating practices compare around the globe? Is the risk of mental illness the same between men and women? Where is the safest place to have a baby? In this talk the medical doctor and senior policy advisor to the World Health Organisation, Dr Mackay, answered all these questions and more.

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