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The Silk Road

Susan Whitfield
Thursday, 14 Nov 2002
Arts Centre
In November, we are pleased to welcome to Hong Kong Dr. Susan Whitfield, Head of The International Dunhuang Project, The British Library. Dr. Whitfield has degrees from Bedford College, University of London and The People's University, Beijing, and a doctorate from The School of Oriental and African Studies of The University of London. She is the author of several books, including Life Along the Silk Road, A Literary Companion to China, and The Land Within the Passes: A History of Xian, and of numerous other publications. She writes regularly for among others The Financial Times and The Journal of Asiatic Studies and is a Council Member of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs. Dr. Whitfield has also lectured worldwide. Sir Aurel Stein made four expeditions to the ruined sites in the deserts of eastern Central Asia between 19001930. A diligent excavator, keen photographer and painstaking record keeper, his myriad finds and records of his wonderful journeys were deposited on his return in various institutions, notably the British Museum. Since 1972, the British Library has been the curator of most of Stein's photographs and manuscript finds. It also has access to the excellent maps produced by his Indian surveyor and many other collections. In her talk, Dr Whitfield will retrace the extraordinary story of Stein's expeditions, and also show how the maps, photographs and manuscripts of this littleunderstood region have now started to be made available to all on the web by the International Dunhuang Project at the British Library.

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