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Field Trip Stage 2 of the MacLehose Trail

Bernie Owen
Saturday, 7 Dec 2002
Field Trip

Field trip along Stage 2 of the MacLehose Trail, Sai Kung
Saturday, 7 December 2002
Leaders: Professors Bernie Owen and Bernard Shaw
Professors Bernie Owen and Bernard Shaw of the Geography Department of Baptist University are the authors of the recently published authoritative guide the MacLehose Trail. They will lead a field trip along Stage 2 of the MacLehose Trail, lecturing on the geology, geomorphology, zoology, botany and history of the route during the day. The trip involves a drive through some of Hong Kong's most beautiful countryside in Sai Kung Country Park, followed by the walk along the scenic Stage 2 of the Trail. The trip starts at Long Ke Wan, near High Island East Dam, for which we have received a special permit to access by minibus. Long Ke Wan shows features of previous settlement, with abandoned agricultural terraces, as well as sand bar formation at sea. There are also interesting small outcrops of tuffs, columnar joints formed by the cooling of volcanic ash. The trail then climbs up Sai Wan Shan, with fine views over High Island Reservoir and the many beaches of eastern Sai Kung. In this area there are interesting examples of weathering and natural and maninduced erosion. The trail descends to Sai Wan beach, with its seasonal lagoon, marine and riverine sands, halophytic botany, molluscs and a honeycombpatterned volcanic rock promontory. After crossing another ridge, the trail reaches the massive and beautiful beach of Tai Long Wan, with evidence of faulting and wind blown sand dunes. After crossing a tufted grass flood plain the trail reaches Tai Long village, first settled by the Hakka in the 17th Century, with traditional Hakka architecture. The trail then continues via a series of smaller ridges, cliffs and beaches, some showing evidence of faulting and delta formation, with fine views of Sharp Peak and the sea. The trip ends at the small village of Pak Tam Au. This field trip gives a chance to visit an isolated and inaccessible part of Hong Kong with the two bestknown experts on the region, while enjoying the stunning countryside of Sai Kung.

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