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Yaks, Antelopes and Cavalry Officers: 100 Years of Wildlife Surveys on the Tibet

Dr. William Bleisch
Thursday, 20 Mar 2003
Sports House
The Tibetan Plateau is as famous for its unique wildlife as well as its extraordinary beauty. Wildlife includes Wild Asses, majestic Blacknecked Cranes, Tibetan Gazelles, the Goosander Duck, Tibetan Antelopes, the elusive Mountain Fox and the unusual Blue Sheep. Dr. Bleisch and Wong How Man have made numerous expeditions to the Tibetan Plateau to study the wildlife of the region, on which they are the world authority. In this lecture, Dr. Bleisch will describe the wildlife of the Plateau and place it in the context of 100 years of wildlife surveys in the region. On wildlife survey expeditions in the Arjinshan and eastern Kunlun ranges, Dr. Bleisch and Wong How Man have used these references, and more recent survey reports, as a baseline to monitor the changes in populations of species such as Tibetan Antelope, Wild Yak and Wild Ass over the past 100 years. As the pace of development increases in this region, new tools and approaches to wildlife monitoring have become vital to improve conservationists' ability to track changes and recommend management action in time to save endangered populations of wildlife in the regional ecosystems. Dr. William Bleisch is Science Director for the China Exploration and Research Society. He is also the China Programme Manager for Fauna and Flora International, the world's first environmental charity.

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