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Sailing Round the World the Wrong Way Winning the BT Global Challenge

Dickon Purvis
Tuesday, 6 May 2003
2/F Sports House
The BT Global Challenge 20001 pitted 12 crews against each other, racing identical steel yachts around the globe into the prevailing winds and currents the only yacht race in the world to do so. Crews fought against fear amongst the 60foot waves and icebergs of the Southern Ocean and against boredom in the heat of the Doldrums. With the next port up to 6 weeks away, success under these conditions depended on stamina, teamwork and inspirational leadership. As a watchleader on the winning yacht, we are delighted to welcome Dickon Purvis to talk about the highs, lows and excitements of this unique ocean race. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Dickon was a Manager at Siemens for 7 years when he resigned to compete in the BT Global Challenge. With no previous sailing experience, he signed up for adventure and to push himself to the limit. His yacht won, and to top it all he got engaged during the race as well. On his return from the race, he used his team and leadership experience to instruct at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, before returning to Hong Kong. Dickon's insightful and humourous lecture describes the highs, lows, challenges, lessons and wonders of the race, richly illustrated by slides and video footage shot around the globe.

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