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Kota Mama, From the Andes to the Amazon

Colonel John BlashfordSnell OBE
Thursday, 9 Sep 2004
Fooll Club, Causeway Bay
Thursday, 9 September 2004
The Hong Kong Fooll Club, Causeway Bay
Drinks Reception 6.30 pm
Lecture 7.30 pm
with Kota Mama film clips

Buffet Supper 8.30 pm (approx.)
Film 9.15 pm (approx.)
The Quest of the Giant Elephants of Nepal

We are delighted to welcome to Hong Kong Colonel John BlashfordSnell, the legendary British explorer, who gave the Branch's first ever lecture at its foundation. Colonel BlashfordSnell, a Royal Engineer, is the veteran of many famous expeditions, including the first ever expedition tracing the route of the Blue Nile, the British TransAmericas expedition and the Zaire River expedition. In 1969, he formed the Scientific Exploration Society and went on to launch Operations Drake and Raleigh, which have involved thousands of young explorers from around the world. Colonel BlashfordSnell is the author of numerous bestselling books of his expeditions, and holds the Patron's Medal of the Royal Geographical Society. In 1998 and 1999, Colonel BlashfordSnell led one of the most ambitious expeditions since Thor Heyerdahl's KonTiki. Intrigued first of all by the idea that Plato's Atlantis might have been on a vast Bolivian plain high in the Andes, and then fascinated by the notion that preInca people and their trade goods might have found their way down central South America's massive rivers from Lake Titicaca to the Atlantic and even across it, Colonel BlashfordSnell commissioned a fleet of traditional reed boats, the largest named Kota Mama, and set off to retrace their journey. In 2001, he led a further expedition to find the lost city of the Great Paititi, which the Spanish conquistadors called El Dorado, and then sailed Kota Mama III, a reed trimaran with three jaguar figureheads, through 500 kilometres of rapids to reach the everwidening rivers that feed into the Amazon. At the same time the explorers searched for forgotten sites of Inca and preInca settlements and carried out important geological research and wildlife studies. In this lecture, John BlashfordSnell recounts this amazing story of adventure and discovery, of lost civilisations and littleknown archaeological sites, and of the explorers whose combined efforts ensured the success of the Kota Mama Expedition. After the lecture and buffet, Colonel BlashfordSnell is going to show one of his bestknown films, The Quest of the Giant Elephants of Nepal. Members and their guests are most welcome to attend this lecture, which is $200 for Members, HK$250 for Members' guests and HK$300 for others. This includes a free drink with snacks and canapes prior to the lecture and a light buffet supper after the lecture prior to the film. Tickets are available on the evening at the door. However, as this event is likely to be popular, tickets may be reserved by contacting the office in advance.

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