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Tim Flannery
Wednesday, 30 May 2007
The Penthouse, Jardine House

The Weather Makers
The History & Future Impact of Climate Change
Tim Flannery
Wednesday, 30 May 2007
The Jardine Penthouse, 48/F Jardine House, One Connaught Place
Complimentary Drinks Reception 6.30 pm; Lecture 7.30 pm
(please note the change of venue for this lecture) We are delighted to welcome to Hong Kong, to continue our May environmental programme, acclaimed environmentalist Tim Flannery, to lecture on The Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change. Most people suspect that climate change is happening, but is it a terrible threat to our world or an exaggerated story? Or is it something in between an issue that humanity must eventually face, but not yet? In his groundbreaking work and lectures, Tim Flannery has argued passionately for the urgent need to address, now, the implications of a global climate change that is damaging all life on earth and endangering our very survival. This lecture covers his principal arguments and what each person can do to avoid catastrophe. In his lectures, he attempts to give a global call to arms, laying out plainly what we know, what we think might happen, and what tools we have available to make a difference. Climate change a difficult subject and hard for people to evaluate dispassionately because it entails deep political and industrial implications, and because it arises from the very core processes of our civilisation's success. Right now our fate is in mankind's hands, for mankind are the new weather makers, and we already possess the tools required to avoid catastrophic climate change. The importance of Mr. Flannery's work and his lectures lies in their capacity to publicise climate change and its catastrophic consequences at a time when the media are scrutinising the trends behind massive cyclones, melting polar caps, the defrosting tundra and retreating glaciers. Mr. Flannery is passionate about educating the world about global warming in the hope of disrupting key decision makers' lethal complacency. Employing a broad vision of geological time, Mr. Flannery explains the mechanisms that have driven the planet's climate. Taking a full span of issues, from the origins of fossil fuels and the composition of our atmosphere, theories of ice ages past, the possibilities of a new ice age, the potential sources of climate catastrophe, the extinction of mammals in the New Guinea highlands, the future of the Great Barrier Reef, geosequestration and emissions trading, the future of hydrogen power, geothermal power, wind power to many more issues, Mr. Flannery examines the present situation and options in detail. Mr. Flannery starts in early Earth history and brings events to the present predicament of careless management, consumerism, corporate greed, political corruption and media indifference. Tim Flannery is one of Australia's leading thinkers and writers. An internationally acclaimed scientist, explorer and conservationist, Tim's books include the definitive ecological histories of Australia (The Future Eaters) and North America (The Eternal Frontier). He has published more than 100 peerreviewed papers and his most recent book, "The Weather Makers" won Book of the Year in 2006 in Australia. As a field zoologist, Mr Flannery has discovered and named more than thirty new species of mammals (including two treekangaroos). He is a regular contributor to "The New York Review of Books" and "The Times Literary Supplement". He received a Centenary of Federation Medal for his service to science and in 2002 he became the first environmentalist to deliver the Australia Day address. A familiar voice on ABC Radio, NPR and the BBC for more than a decade, he is also known to television viewers worldwide. Mr. Flannery is chairman of the South Australian Premier's Science Council and Sustainability Roundtable, a director of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the National Geographic Society's representative in Australasia. In April 2005 he was honoured as Australian Humanist of the Year and was named Australian of the Year for 2007. This lecture is being held in the fine surroundings of the Jardine Penthouse. Members and their guests are most welcome to attend at HK$100 for Members, HK$150 for Members' guests and $200 others. This includes a complimentary drinks reception prior to the lecture.

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