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180 Degrees: Pole to Pole

James Hooper
Thursday, 28 Jul 2011
HK Fooll Club

Drinks 6.30pm lecture starts 7.30pm

Members HK$100 Non Members HK$150

James Hooper lectures on "180 Degrees: Pole to Pole ", the extraordinary tale of the first ever expedition from Pole to Pole using only natural power, a journey in which he travelled over 26,000 miles, over 13 months through some of the most diverse environments on Earth. For the expedition, Mr Hooper was recognised with the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2008 award and elected as the youngest Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He had previously become the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest.

The expedition started at the Geomagnetic North Pole in the high arctic. From here, Mr Hooper, along with his expedition partner Rob Gauntlett, skied pulling a 100 kg sled some 500 miles to the most northerly town on the Planet and continued further south by dogsled until Rob Gauntlett fell through the thinning sea ice. Later, after rescuing Mr Gauntlett, the expedition continued by sail to New York City, where the pair began an 11,000 mile bicycle trip across baking plains and barren desert, through dense rainforest and across mountain ranges through the entirety of North and South America. The ride was split in two sections by a further sail from Panama to Ecuador.

To complete the expedition, they then undertook a 10,000 mile sail through the notorious Southern Ocean, where they battled winds of over 70 mph and waves towering above 80 feet. During this, their yacht was knocked upside down, coating the deck with inch thick ice, prior to their triumphant arrival at the Magnetic South Pole.

Before this expedition, Mr Hooper summited Mount Everest on 17 May 2006 at just 19 years old. Summiting from the Tibetan side of the mountain, from the North and NorthEast Ridges, he became the youngest Briton to climb the mountain. He had also previously led a series of other expeditions throughout Europe and across the Himalaya.

James Hooper was educated at Christ's Hospital School and the University of Queretaro, Mexico. In addition to his expeditions, he has delivered over two hundred presentations and workshops to businesses, universities and multinationals in the UK and around the world. Mr Hooper won the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award in 2008, was elected the youngest Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and was awarded the Lodz Explorers Festival Laureate 2009. For his next expedition, Mr Hooper is attempting to complete the fastest humanpowered journey between Jeju and Seoul in South Korea. The challenge is planned to take less than 100 hours and finish on the iconic Namsan in the heart of Seoul.

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