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Field Trip to Plover Cove Country Park

Marco Foehn
Saturday, 3 Dec 2011
Wu Kau Tang , Brides Pool Road, Tai Po
A 12km guided walk around the scenic Plover Cove area of the North Eastern New Territories. The route is rich in fauna, flora , history and affords views of the coast and across the border into the Chinese mainland.

Hong kong redsident Marco Foehn leads a field trip to Plover Cove Country Park. This quiet, sparsely populated area in the northeastern corner of the New Territories offers stunning views towards Double Haven and across the border to China. Mr Foehn leads this field trip commenting on the geology, geomorphology, zoology, botany and history of the route.

One of the highlights of the tour is the village of Lai Chi Wo, which is a few hundred years old and was once one of the most affluent Hakka villages in the New Territories. The houses remain wellpreserved and the Feng Shui woodlands behind the village are one of the oldest surviving in Hong Kong.

The hike starts at the village of Wu Kau Tang, off Brides Pool road and follows a circular route for about 12 km. The ascent at the start of the tour leads to a lookout spot where there is a magnificent view over the surrounding countryside. From here, the route follows a gentle path down to Lai Chi Wo and onto Sam A Tsuen.

The trip allows participants to walk along a mangroveedged stream to admire the Whiteflower Derris, a climbing vine with long curling branches, which forms a "natural swing " around the forest of Heritiera Littoralis. Along the way, there are past abandoned rice fields and terraces once cultivated by the villagers and where now the only dwellers include the Chinese pond heron, little and great egrets, night herons and the extremely rare Swinhoe's egret.

Marco Foehn has been in Hong Kong since the early 1980s and is Director of WalkHK. He is Chief Operating Officer at the German Swiss International School and in his spare time he is a passionate and expert hiker. Mr Foehn has taken groups all around Hong Kong, introducing them to the local natural environment, history and culture.

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