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Here on Earth

Tim Flannery
Wednesday, 21 Mar 2012
SKH Ming Hua Theological College, Glenealy, Central

Drinks from 6.30 pm (cash bar) lecture starts 7.30 pm

HK$150 Members HK$200 Non members.

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Tim Flannery returns to Hong Kong, to lecture on 'Here on Earth: An Argument for Hope', a twin biography of Planet Earth and the human species. In this lecture, he discusses the environmental threats mankind faces and the reasons for hope that they are overcome giving the Planet a sustainable future.

In his groundbreaking work and lectures, Tim Flannery has argued passionately for the urgent need to address the implications of a global climate change that is damaging all life on earth and endangering mankind's very survival. Professor Flannery believes that mankind stands at a crossroads, where comprehension of its place in nature, of its true abilities and of its history is supremely important. Mankind has formed a global civilisation of unprecedented might, is now the master of technology and of comprehension, but it is what people actually believe that may, from now on, determine mankind's fate.

In this lecture, Tim Flannery's first major opus since The Weather Makers, he charts the history of life on the Planet. Starting with the findings and philosophies of Darwin and Wallace and of Lovelock and Dawkins, he leads to an exploration of evolution and sustainability. Mankind's success as a species has had disastrous effects on many of the Earth's ecosystems and could lead to its downfall. But equally, Professor Flannery argues, mankind is now equipped as never before to explore its true relationship with the Planet on which all biological, economic and cultural futures depend.

Professor Tim Flannery is one of Australia's leading thinkers and writers. An internationally acclaimed scientist, explorer and conservationist, his books include the definitive ecological histories of Australia (The Future Eaters) and North America (The Eternal Frontier). He has published more than 130 papers and his book, The Weather Makers won Book of the Year in 2006. As a field zoologist, Professor Flannery has discovered and named more than thirty new species of mammals. He is a regular contributor to "The New York Review of Books " and "The Times Literary Supplement ". He received a Centenary of Federation Medal for his services to science and in 2002 he became the first environmentalist to deliver the Australia Day address. A familiar voice on ABC Radio, NPR and the BBC for more than a decade, he is also known to television viewers worldwide. Professor Flannery is a professor at Sydney's Macquarie University, taking his Chair in July 2007. He is the National Geographic Society's representative in Australasia and was named Australian of the Year for 2007. In 2011, he was appointed Chief Commissioner of the Australian Climate Commission.

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