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Field Trip Tung Ping Chau

David Brian
Saturday, 19 May 2012
Tung Peng Chau

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David Brian leads a field trip to the beautiful island of Tung Ping Chau, Hong Kong's remotest islan. Tung Ping Chau is situated in the furthest northeast corner of Hong Kong waters, only 3 kilometres from Guangdong Province.

In terms of its human geography, it is a classic example of rural depopulation in an outlying area. Before 1950, there were some 2,000 inhabitants on the island, fishing, growing peanuts and sweet potatoes. Their houses were built with slate or shale from the island and the remnants of the attractive villages can be seen today. Now the island has only a few residents, as most have moved to the mainland New Territories. The island has been left as a paradise for wildlife and visitors, and has been declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

As well as being a most beautiful island, it is geologically unique, being the only area of Hong Kong entirely formed from sedimentary rock, which was laid down about 200 million years ago. The dramatic exposed cliffs and foreshore of Tung Ping Chau provide clear evidence of climatic and environmental conditions over 60 million years ago. There are also to be seen the effects of recent coastal erosion and other distinctive landforms around the island.

David Brian is Head of Social Sciences at Chinese International School and is a wellknown expert on Tung Ping Chau. The trip includes scenic coach and boat rides to the island, a study tour of the island and lunch cooked by the villagers on the island. This field trip gives a chance to visit an isolated and inaccessible part of Hong Kong with a wellknown expert, while enjoying the stunning countryside of the island.

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