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Guided Tour of HMS Echo

Commander Jeremy Churcher, Royal Navy
Wednesday, 20 Dec 2006
HMS Echo

Guided Tours of
HMS Echo
Host: Commander Jeremy Churcher, Royal Navy
Wednesday, 20 December 2006
Meeting: 17.45
Tours of Vessel: 18.00 19.00

We are delighted to have secured for Royal Geographical Society members a private visit to Her Majesty's Ship Echo, which is visiting Hong Kong next week.

HMS Echo is the first of two new Multirole Survey Vessels, for hydrographic/oceanographic surveying, to be built. The ship is 90.6m long with a displacement of 3,470 tonnes and is capable of 15 knots.

HMS Echo was launched on 2 March 2002 and went into service on 4 October 2002. The name HMS Echo has had a long and distinguished career with battle honours ranging from Quebec in 1759 to the Malta Convoys in 1942. The ships motto is "Marte et Arte" (By Mars and Art) and its affiliated town is Taunton in Devon.

The Royal Navy's Surveying Service has a long and distinguished tradition of charting the oceans and coastlines of the world and has been operating throughout the world since the formation of the Hydrographic Department in 1795. The Royal Navy published the first series of charts of the entire water surface of the earth. The current Hydrographic Flotilla continues this work, combining deep ocean survey, environmental research and the constant refining and updating of Admiralty charts, which are used and respected the world over. The Hydrographic service provides further operational hydrographic support to Fleet operations and offers much in contribution to the wider maritime community. The Surveying Flotilla consists of oceangoing ships, coastal vessels and inshore craft. To carry out these wideranging tasks the latest surveying techniques are employed, including digitised echo sounders, side scan sonar, automated plotting and recording of position, depth, gravity and magnetic parameters.

The Royal Geographical Society has a particular association with surveying, having sponsored surveying of the world ever since our foundation. We also hold the world's largest private collection of maps in the world in our library and museum. The tour is to be led by officers of the ship. They will give short talks on the deck of the ship, followed by a tour of the vessel. Members and up to two guests are most welcome to attend this event. Attendees must be at least of eight years and hold a Hong Kong ID Card, which is required to board the vessel.

The cost of this field trip is $50 for members and $100 for guests.

To register for this field trip please reply to this asap with the numbers of your guests. Exact joining instructions will be sent to attendees on Friday.

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