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India: An Epic Journey

Michael Wood
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Saturday, 14 Mar 2009
RTHK, the Man International Literary Festival and


"India: an Epic Journey"

Michael Wood

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pacific Place

5:30 pm Lecture and Book Signing

Please note that because of strictly limited seating this is a Members priority event and that it is essential to book in advance by replying to this message
The Royal Geographical Society is honoured to welcome to Hong Kong famous British historian and broadcaster Michael Wood. In this afternoon event, Mr Wood talks about his latest epic journey "India: an Epic Journey Across the Subcontinent", in conversation with Hugh Chiverton.
This event is the story of the extraordinary journey Michael Wood made to uncover the fabulous sights and sounds, the dazzling achievements and the dramatic history of the world's oldest, richest and perhaps most influential civilisation. Mr Wood travelled through 10,000 years of history and for 10,000 miles, tracing the story of the Indian subcontinent from prehistory to the modern day.
From the deserts of Turkmenistan to the Khyber Pass, from war torn Iraq to the palm fringed shores of Kerala, Mr Wood journeyed across the Indian subcontinent and beyond to discover a land whose history is almost unimaginably rich and colourful.
When Marco Polo visited India in the thirteenth century, he described the country as 'the richest province in the world… a land of wonders'. His observation is no less true today. Mr. Wood found everything about India is older, bigger, more colourful, more diverse and more intriguing than anywhere else. The world's largest democracy, a nuclear power and a rising economic giant, India is also the world's most ancient surviving civilisation, with unbroken continuity stretching back into prehistory.
Michael Wood was educated at Manchester Grammar School and at Oriel College, Oxford. He is perhaps the world's most popular history broadcaster, with some 60 published documentaries. In the 1970s, Mr Wood went to work for the BBC in Manchester first as a reporter, then as an assistant producer on current affairs programmes, before returning to his love of history with his 1981 series In Search of the Dark Ages. Mr Wood's ability to present history in striking and memorable ways has drawn a diverse and worldwide audience, including In search of the Trojan War, Alexander the Great, both of which played worldwide, his recent documentary The Story of India and many others.
There is a charge for this event of HK$200 for Members. Because of strictly limited seating, it is essential to book in advance by replying to this message.

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