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23,000 km from Canada to Chile: Defining adventure from behind a mask

Emma Cary
Wednesday, 20 May 2020
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Emma Cary joins RGS members again to tell the extraordinary story of riding a tandem bike with her husband 23,000 km from Canada to Chile. She covers her amazing travel and experiences, contrasting neighbouring environments and wildlife conservation over the 18 countries which they visited on the expedition. She reflects further on their adventure through the Americas and how their time isolated in Melbourne during the lockdown has inspired the next adventure. This includes the conversion of their tandem bike into an ebike and their research into solar power. Join them live from Melbourne as they redefine what adventure is from behind their masks.

The presentation is lively, complimented with stunning photographs from their journey, including extreme locations and unique wildlife encounters.   This includes with a jaguar in Guatemala.  She also describes how she prepared for a bike journey across 18 countries, adventure travelling on a route so hilly and mountainous that they had a total elevation gain on the journey of 264,252 metres.

They set off from Whistler in British Columbia and rode down the West Coast of Canada and the United States, crossing over at Tijuana into Mexico.  They crossed Mexico and then right across Cuba, before continuing to the south of Mexico.  They then embarked through Central America to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica to Panama.  There, they took a yacht over to Columbia, cycling south through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and finally into Chile.   

Emma Cary hails from Melbourne, Australia.  She attended REMIT University in Australia and is a qualified teacher.  She has made several major cycle tours, including across the United States and Australia, in addition to her Canada to Chile expedition.  She works as a travel writer, blogger and motivational and pubic speaker.  She is also active in photography, adventure cycling, skiing, kayaking and hiking.  Emma published her first children’s book in November 2019, Ed & Brenda’s Big Adventure, the story of two kangaroos on a tandem bike and, in conjunction with her motivational presentation series, has been conducting writing workshops as part of the launch.

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