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World Heritage Japan: The Glories of an Archipelago

John Lander
Monday, 29 Jun 2020
7.00 pm to 8.00 pm
The webinar link is going to be sent to members and guests at 2.30 pm on 29 June. Please note this webinar is for members and their guests only and is free of charge.
Author and photographer John Lander takes the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage sites of Japan as a starting point for exploring the country's architecture, history, customs and festivals.

Mr Lander, who has lived in Japan for 35 years, has travelled to almost all the country's UNESCO sites: from well-known places like Mt Fuji to hidden temple gardens and hard-to-reach islands.  His talk also includes cultural elements listed as intangible world heritage, providing intimate portraits of Japanese cuisine, crafts and performing arts. 

With his talk illustrated by over 80 full colour photographs, the talk is a personal photographic tribute to a diverse and ancient culture - a stunning visual journey across Japan. 

John Lander was born on the prairies of Illinois, USA, with a longing for oceans, the exotic and mountains.   He was educated in San Francisco and France and has resided for his adult life in Japan.  Based in Kamakura, he has devoted his career to photography and writing. 

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