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Hong Kong Young Geographer of the Year Awards 2021

Wednesday, 30 Jun 2021

Dear Members,

RGS-HK is excited to unveil the results of its inaugural HK Young Geographer of the Year Awards, open to Primary, Secondary and Tertiary students of Hong Kong.  We are delighted to announce the 16 winners of the various categories.  It was a significant achievement that over 320 students from 26 different local and international schools, and several universities, participated by submitting more than 400 entries.

This is an astounding level of participation, and we are particularly pleased to see a good representation across both international and local institutions. You can see there is a real desire for students to exercise their imagination and display their skills.
Student entrants had to submit a visual image accompanied by a brief written explanation that demonstrated their knowledge and application of geographical concepts.  These covered four themes:
● Nature: the uniqueness of the natural environment and species of Hong Kong 
● People & Culture: the character of Hong Kong people & their ideas, customs or behaviour 
● Urbanscape: the signature features of Hong Kong's built environment 
● Critical Eye:  the social, socio-economic or environmental issues of Hong Kong
Seeing through the 'eyes' of our young geographers has been insightfully revealing, as it highlights the issues that really matter to the youth of Hong Kong.  With submissions touching upon issues surrounding the natural environment and social inequalities, this competition adds to the important conversations about addressing these topics within our community.

Winning Entries
The winning entries included a range of visuals from photographs to drawings, paintings and infographics, and spanned topics about urban change, local food culture, nature-human interactions, ecological wonders and biodiversity threats.  
The winning entries are being displayed virtually on the website:

The winners are being awarded financial prizes and RGS-HK student benefits. 
2021 People’s Choice Award 
This is the final prize in this year’s competition. This will be voted on by you, our members. Please vote on:

The winner of this award is going to be announced on 30 June on RGS-HK website rgshk.org.hk, Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RGSHK) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/rgs_hk/ , @rgs_hk)

With best regards,


Rupert McCowan                            Smriti Safaya                               Julian Quail
Director, RGS-HK                           Competition Director                    Education Subcom Chair 

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