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Keeping the Family Silver: Highlights of the Liang Yi Collection

led by Daniel Roberts Exhibition curator and Director of Silver
Friday, 20 Aug 2021
3.30 pm - 4.30 pm
Liang Yi Museum
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Liang Yi Museum is holding an exhibition of approximately 180 pieces of its vast collection of 18th and 19th century British and French silver, the largest private collection of European silver in Asia. A large number of the objects have unique and interesting provenances.

Amongst the highlights are an important pair of candelabra given to Howe Bowne, Marquess of Sligo, the Governor of Jamaica, by all the slaves he emancipated on the island.  There is also a 19th-century silver-gilt tray with Napoleon I's coat of arms.  In addition to historically significant pieces, there is also a very fine collection of pieces by the 19th century's most celebrated silversmith Paul Storr, who supplied silverware to much of Europe’s royalty.

The exhibition showcases the heritage, design and craftsmanship of this rare metal.  It also explores the lineages of generations of silversmiths and traces how silverware functions as family heirlooms, as well as being used for lighting, writing, dining, display, toilette and for drinking.  Aristocrats have long had a tradition of commissioning silver to mark important occasions, so many pieces recount a story that constitutes an immediate connection to the past.  The exhibition includes a dining hall that illuminates the evolution of dining traditions in the West.

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